word categories

Cantonese words can be categorized into 12 parts of speech according to their function in a sentence: nouns, numerals, classifiers, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, particles, onomatopoeia and interjections.

For example:

Neij go zvjtaux, cit bun binj beir ngoq aaj, mxgoij.

Zvjtaux mxmaaih ge. Zvjfanrcoengr aaj?

Zouh mej aa?

Ngoq ge yizungjyanx hair fuhganh aa.

Neiq gin dour aax?


Yanjwaih ngoq baar Zircingj bourgim faat ceotj "dutj dutj" ge seonhouh.

Binj yauq "dutj dutj"?

"Dutj... dutj... dutj"... Haih maih aa?

Neiq "dutj" zej. Baar gim mouq wox.

Heiq! Ngoq zauh haih zij neiq tengj mxdour. Soryiq ngoq maih dutj beir neiq tengj loj.

Seir laaj. Ngoq hour gengj aa.


I don't sell pig head. Do you like pig penis?
My lover is nearby
Did you see him?
because my Magic Sword is beeping
Where does the beeping sound come from?
you made this, not the sword
I know you didn't hear that So I made it for you
I'm scared!
Movie: Chinese Odyssey Part Two-Cinderella

The words in the sentence can be classified into the following parts of speech.

nouns:  zvjtaux, zvjfanrcoengr, yizungjyanx, fuhganh, circingj, bourgim, seonhouh, gim
numerals:   bun
classifiers:    go, baar, binj
pronouns:   ngoq, neij, mej, neiq, binj
verbs:  cit, mxgoij, mxmaaih, zouh, gin, mxhaih, faat, yauq, mouq, zij, tengj
adjectives: seir, gengj
adverbs:    zauhhaih, maih, hour
prepositions:   beir, hair, dour, ceotj, mxdour
conjunctions:   yanjwaih, soryiq
particles:  aaj, aa, ge, aax, wox, loj, laaj
Onomatopoeia: dutj
interjections:  heiq